Tour & Shop
Opening Times

Nov 2018 - 18 Apr 2019
Last Tour starts at 3pm

Mon - Fri
10am to 4.30pm
Sat & Sun Closed

19 Apr 2019 - 25 Oct 2019
Last Tour starts at 4pm

Mon - Sat
10am to 5pm
Sun Closed

(no access after 16.30 to the site)

 Closed 21 Dec - 06 Jan 2019

Tour Duration: 1 Hour

Booking Required: Groups of 8+

(no booking required for individuals, couples and groups under 8)


Adults: £12.00

Children: £6.00
(12-17 years)

Children under 12 are not permitted on site.
Maximum of 4 Children will be allowed on each tour.
ID required for children 12 - 17 years.

Access to Shop is free. Please note there are no toilet facilities in the Shop. Toilets can only be accessed through £2.00 per person donation to Maggies Cancer Centre.

Free Parking

Edradour Distillery has a generous Car park for Distillery visitors opposite the entrance.




The Exclusive In-Depth Whisky Tasting Experience

Please Note: Special Tastings are only available for Groups of 10 or above.

The Special Whisky Tasting is for those who have enjoyed a single malt whisky and would like to know more, from novices to connoisseurs alike. Our experts will inform and guide you through a wide range of divergent whiskies on a tasting journey of discovery.

This is your opportunity to learn about Single Malt Scotch Whisky first hand and at greater depth with a Senior Guide from Edradour.


Edradour Whisky Tasting and Exploring Scottish Malts

Select from:


Experience a guided tasting of six whiskies from the special Edradour range. Savour the distinctive nature of each while you learn about their vintage, production, maturation and more.


Take a special whisky tasting tour of Scotland with Signatory Vintage and experience one of the finest selection of Scotch Single Malts from all regions of Scotland. These include vintage single malts as well as a selection of rare whiskies from the closed or lost distilleries of Scotland.


An introduction to a selection of six handpicked whiskies specifically chosen to demonstrate the diverse characteristics of Scottish single malts. Tastings include three from Edradour and three from the Signatory Vintage range.

Rates depend upon numbers and the vintage required so please contact us for further details.

All Special Whisky Tastings require booking in advance.

(Special Tastings are only available for Groups of 10 or above)

For further details and rates please contact us on:

Telephone: +44 (0)1796 472095